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The 1990s Return To Binghamton This Saturday With Weezer Tributes

August 6, 2011

Clean cut mods playing for girls in the “Happy Days” universe. Dogs running through a blue studio backdrop while singers wear bowl cuts and “nerd” glasses. High school bands rocking out safely in their parents’ garages while their moms do laundry.

What do these things have in common? They were all settings for Weezer videos in the mid-1990s.

This Saturday, August 13, several prominent local musicians will help you relive these memories as “In The Garage” and “Wee(d)zer” pay tribute to Weezer at Fitzie’s Irish Pub at 9 Main Street in Binghamton.

“So many memories,” says Bijoy Datta, one of the local artists who will be churning out Weezer tunes on Saturday. “There’s something really honest and really basic about Weezer. That’s the reason I – and so many people – connected to their music. It’s going to be an awesome time bringing that back for so many fans.”

Datta and his bandmates know a thing or two about helping the local music scene relive great memories. He, along with Kevin Kober, Mike Escott and Steve Askew drew hundreds of fans as “A Trillion Lives” in March for their Abalienation tribute show at Fitzie’s. Several members of Abalienation even showed up to say a few words and play songs with the band at that show.

Opening the show will be “In The Garage” featuring Datta on bass and vocals, Bob Aiken on guitar and vocals, Escott on guitar and Askew on drums. They’ll be playing Weezer’s full 1994 debut album, affectionately known by millions of fans as “The Blue Album”, while another group of locals will follow with a full set of Weezer’s 1996 album “Pinkerton”.

Pinkerton was initially considered a commercial and critical failure but, over the last 15 years, has become widely considered one of the best rock albums of the 1990s (by Rolling Stone, Spin and many other publications). Twin threats Louis and Andy Smith on drums and bass/vocals, along with Adam Southard on guitar/keyboard/vocals, Tom Doud on guitar and Aiken on guitar/vocals, round out Wee(d)zer.

“I hope we can deliver one of the members of Weezer at Saturday’s show like we did with Abalienation in March,” added Datta. “It’s probably a longshot but I did send Rivers Cuomo (Weezer’s frontman, guitarist and creative force) a couple of Twitter messages inviting him so you never know.”

The show will begin around 10 PM with “In The Garage” playing first followed by “Wee(d)zer”. Tickets will be available at the door for $5.

For more information or to view sneak previews of the bands, search “A Night Of Weezer” on Facebook or visit


Half of Swath “In The Garage” For Upcoming Weezer Tribute

July 20, 2011

It’s been a long time since our last post here on Swathblog since Swath is still on hiatus. However, a few of us have remained busy, with Kevin and Bijoy being joined by Dance-A-Tron‘s Steve and Mike for the super successful Abalienation Tribute Show in March.

Now Bijoy and Bob are teaming up with Steve and Mike as “In The Garage” for a one-night-only complete performance of Weezer’s Blue Album. Some fellow enthusiasts will be joining them as Wee(d)zer to play all of Pinkerton as well.

The show is Saturday, August 13, starting at 9 PM at Fitzie’s Irish Pub on Main Street in Binghamton.

There will probably be one more band but that isn’t finalized yet.

Here’s a sneak preview from last Sunday’s practice.

Benefit Show Memorial for Adam Kulas This Weekend

May 12, 2010

Come down to Fitzies May 15th and rock out for a cause! Not just any all day (mostly) punk show. Doors at 3, show starts at 4. Only $5 for TEN bands! Additional donations are greatly appreciated. Any and all proceeds will go to the Kulas family. There will be raffles as well so be sure to stop down for the drinks and music, and stay for the chance to win t-shirts, cds, and other merch from various bands, a bar tab to fitzies, and more!

Bands playing (not in this order):

– Man Without Plan

– Daffodil

– Narrator

– Goodnite Sunshine

– Swath

– Dance – A – Tron

– Nancy

– The Jigawatts

++ More To Be Anounced!

Upcoming Shows in Bingo, Ithaca

September 6, 2009

After not playing a ton over the last year or so, we have several shows coming up in the next month.

On Friday, September 18, we’ll be playing at a very cool local art gallery called Spool Mfg. in Johnson City (just blocks from our practice space at the Goodwill Theatre actually). The show is the CD release for Summer People, who are always good. OneManRiot will round out the bill. Show starts at 7 PM with a $5 admission.

Next on the schedule, we’ll be playing good ol’ Fitzies Irish Pub in Binghamton on Saturday, October 3. Our shows at Fitzies always go late and are tons of fun so we’re looking forward to this one. Terrible Sparrow plus two more TBA bands will be playing with us. There will be no door charge and the festivities will start at 10 PM.

Finally, we’re slated to play in Ithaca at The Haunt on Saturday, October 10. This is another show brought to you by our friends at the Ithaca Underground, who bring in the best bands from all over the country. On this show, Junius from Boston and Rosetta from Philadelphia will also be bringing the rock. It’s an early show with doors opening at 5 PM with a $6 cover charge.

We also have some other shows tentatively scheduled locally for 9/25 and 10/2 but we’ll wait to post on those until they’re confirmed.

Reporting Back After Last Week’s CD Release

February 7, 2009

We finally released our new album, “Confluence”, at last Saturday night’s show at Fitzie’s Irish Pub in Binghamton.

Thanks to everyone who came out and double-thanks to the 20 or so of you who bought CDs.

The night got off to a late start with The Jigawatts not going on until around 10:45 PM. They brought the energy and the old-school punk pretty well though. And they did a great cover of Black Flag’s “Wasted” so that always scores points with us.

Dance-A-Tron (Kevin’s other band) went on around 11:20 PM and delivered, as usual, a brutally fast and furious set. Their new album is out now, too. Contact them to get a copy.

Call For Backup followed next, and then we finally got to roll into our set after 1 AM. I hate to sound old and cranky, but that’s pretty late for us old fogies these days.

That being said, we had  a great time tearing through our intentionally short set…only to get called back up to play two additional songs (we went with “True Position” and “Kinetic Momentum”).

We appreciate all the support and hope anyone reading this will help us out, too, by picking up our new CD at future shows or by emailing

New Album Coming Out This Month

January 10, 2009

We’re happy to finally announce that our new album, “Confluence”, will be released later this month.

The six song, 40-minute CD will first be available to buy at our show on Saturday, January 31, at Fitzie’s Irish Pub in Binghamton, NY (show starts at 9 PM and the Jigawatts and one TBD band will also be playing).


We started recording work on “Confluence” way back in March 2008 so, after almost a year of toiling away at it, we’re anxious to finally get it out for people to hear.

We hope you’ll come to the show or contact us ahead of time to pre-order it. To pre-order, please email Bijoy at

If you want to check out what the record will sound like, please visit our Myspace page, where you can download a few live demo versions of tracks on “Confluence”.