Big Day In: Ithaca Show on May 1

We have confirmed that we’ll be playing the next Big Day In presented by the Ithaca Underground on Saturday, May 1.

The bill will feature:

Tombs (from Brooklyn; signed to Relapse Records)
Magrudergrind (from Washington, D.C.)
Swath (hey, that’s us)
Dance-A-Tron (hey, that’s Kevin’s other band)
Iwo Jima Medkit (from Ithaca)
Sonorous Gale (from Buffalo)
Hiroshima Vacation
The Motivators
(and more TBA)

More details to be posted as we get them….


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One Response to “Big Day In: Ithaca Show on May 1”

  1. Bijoy Says:

    Here are all of the details for the BIG DAY IN today (5/1/10):

    (Content courtesy of

    Welcome to another Big Day In! Our first in December was so successful we decided we needed to do another one, fast. Big Day In is a giant “thank you!” to everyone who supports Ithaca Underground (by us bringing you a whole lot of band for your buck) as well as a big ol’ celebration of the growing underground music community here in Ithaca.

    Again, we look to YOU to help make this show a success. We’re keeping this amazing show inexpensive because we know you’ll spread the word and bring everyone you know!

    Once again we’ll bring you 12 bands for $5 but this time around Big Day In has gotten heavier… much heavier. How much heavier? Check out this line-up:

    Ithaca Underground presents:

    *Spring 2010*


    MAGRUDERGRIND (Willowtip Records : Washington D.C.)
    TOMBS (Relapse Records : Brooklyn, NY)
    MOSE GIGANTICUS (label TBA : Philadelphia, PA)
    Total Fucking Destruction (Bones Brigade : Philadelphia, PA)
    Swath (Binghamton, NY)
    Dance-A-Tron (Binghamton, NY)
    Sonorous Gale (Wrong Foot Recordings : Buffalo, NY)
    Iwo Jima Medkit (Ithaca, NY)
    Acipenser (Parishville, NY)
    Makeshift (Ithaca, NY)
    The Motivators (Ithaca, NY)
    Hiroshima Vacation (Ithaca, NY)

    Saturday, May 1st

    The Haunt
    702 Willow Ave
    Ithaca, NY 14850
    12PM ‘til 10PM
    $5 ALL AGES

    Made possible by:
    McNeil Music of Ithaca, Angry Mom Records, and The Haunt

    Willowtip Records : Washington D.C.

    When considering establishing a heavy version of BIG DAY IN, those at IU headquarters thought long and hard about what band could headline such an endeavor. What band could simultaneously embody the ethic we look to celebrate with our fest, bring an unparalleled fierceness and brutality to their music while still taking a nod to the punks that gave us our beginning. With extreme pleasure we bring you Magrudergrind!

    Magrudergrind was formed in 2002. The District of Columbia-based band dropped their self-released first record as Delinquent Teenagers and have since put forth countless splits in addition to two full lengths. Owing much to the close-knit global DIY punk community, since its inception the band has toured Europe and North America multiple times, Puerto Rico, Japan, and South East Asia with the likes of Misery Index, Unholy Grave, Phobia, and Rotten Sound. In 2007, Magrudergrind released their first full length, Rehashed, on Six Weeks Records.

    2009 saw Magrudergrind’s sophomore full-length, self-titled record on Willowtip Records, engineered by Kurt Ballou (Converge, Misery Index, Torche) and mastered by Scott Hull (Pig Destroyer, Phobia). A sonic escalation of the band’s previous amalgam of grindcore and DIY punk, Magrudergrind’s acclaimed self-titled release sends them into 2010 with notable appearances at the Scion Rock Festival in Ohio, the Maryland Deathfest, and Hellfest in Clisson, France.

    Relapse Records : Brooklyn, NY

    FINALLY! Tombs are a bit of a white whale to IU, having nearly landed them twice before only to have dates slip away (understandably!) for the band to instead partake on massive tour with bands we’d kill to see. It seems like every time we turn around, this band is getting bigger and getting more and more accolades from the national underground metal community. We’re honored to host such a quality and original act that still continues to hold true to their DIY roots. Get ready for some of the most intense and varied heavy music possible to be created by three human beings.

    Brooklyn’s TOMBS delivered a stunning tour-de-force with their Relapse Records debut “Winter Hours”. The trio tread a unique musical path that draws equally from several disparate music worlds. The austere and appropriately-titled album is a somber, sobering affair that brings together hypnotic psychedelic harmonies, lush and introspective sonic textures, and a relentless intensity found in the most blackened metal to stunning effect. Whether through driving melodies, explosive noise, or the most fragile of interludes, “Winter Hours” hits hard and resonates deeply within the listener.

    Tombs were formed by Mike Hill and Justin Ennis in 2007 after their earlier band, Versoma (Robotic Empire), called it a day. They released their self-titled EP on Black Box Recordings that year. In 2008 the band was signed to Relapse and soon after Andrew Hernandez joined as Tombs permanent drummer. Jumping in the way-back machine you’d find Mike Hill fronting the legendary Anodyne (Level Plane) and drummer Andrew Hernandez in Ithaca’s own KNIVES!, which also contained members of our beloved Iwo Jima Medkit.

    TOMBS have embarked on dizzying number of tours including the likes of ISIS, Pelican, Kylesa, Bison B.C., Buried Inside, Dysrhythmia, and were a part of the epic Mayhem/Krallice tour before it was shelved. Their LP “Winter Hours” was rated #8 best album of 2009 by Decibel Magazine as well as several other top lists of last year.

    Philadelphia, PA

    MOSE GIGANTICUS is the Frankenstein of mad scientist Matt Garfield (ex-Hulk Smash). Reviewers have attempted to label the band as everything from “Apocalyptic Neon-Metal” to “Ric Ocasek and Quincy Jones started a hardcore band” or even “Andrew WK, Gary Numan, and Baroness collaborated in a super-group.” I don’t think I could do much better.

    The last time Giganticus graced our fair city was the very first Pirate House show which put us on the map. We were blasted with a high-energy, punk influenced synth metal trio who brought the house to its knees with an power that could take on the whole city. The scene of everyone crowding around the mics for the best damn cover of “Mr. Roboto” I’ve ever heard was one of my favorite IU moments.

    Starting as a solo project with Matt performing live vocals & keyboards over pre-recorded tracks, then expanding into a live trio, the band first broke through with the debut, “The Invisible Hand” in 2007 which dealt with humanity’s relationship with technology. Their second release, the Commander! EP which hit in 2008 gave us a glimpse of Mose Giganticus harnasing their calling with tracks like “Days of Yore”, which can only attempted to be described as something like “vocodor laced doom metal”. Driven by his faciniations with Nikola Tesla, the EP’s lyrical content focuses on the betrayal of Tesla by contemporary and former employer Thomas Edison and the subsequent War of Currents.

    Recording has finished on their next effort, “Gift Horse”, due to be released on June 6th, 2010 on a notoriously heavy label TBA soon. “Gift Horse” displays a decidedly heavier sound than previous releases and centers on the topic of Christian mythology. The record’s content features lyrics written from the perspective of the Old Testament Christian God and the deposed angel Lucifer addressing one another in the mounting tension of the impending Battle of Armageddon.

    These dudes are about to blow up so don’t miss this one-off appearance!

    Total Fucking Destruction:
    Enucleation/Bones Brigade/Ritual Records
    Philadelphia, PA

    Holy fuck! YES!!! After driving down to Baltimore to see these three play with Pig Destroyer I knew Big Day In couldn’t live without them. This is one of those “really, really don’t miss this!” sets.

    These guys are world renown for their unique blend of grind, crust, and thrash, with lyrical emphasis on society, humor, and downright insanity. With drummer Rich Hoak handling screaming out from behind the most minimal kit ever pumping out an onslaught of ridiculously fast beats under a flurry of killer, thrashy riffs.

    “I love TFD because they makes me crazy. The music is fast, the lyrics are just excellent, the riffs are totally sick and it all comes together in a unique sounding grind.” – Bones Brigade label owner Nicolas

    “Total Fucking Destruction is a celebration of the slow-motion apocalypse already in progress. Our songs are true stories of life in the global techno/military/entertainment complex and represent the future/present of human civilization… Time is running out, the future is now and we are participating in the end of history. It’s fucking awesome.” – TFD

    TFD was formed in 1999 by Rich Hoak (Drums/Vocals) of Brutal Truth/Exit-13. Their discography includes (but not limited to) splits with Unholy Grave, Endless Blockade, Machetazo (as part of Relapse’s Slimwave Series), the fantastic grind/acoustic “Zen And The Art Of Total Fucking Destruction” on Translation Loss, and in 2008 they hit us with the crucial “Pease, Love, and Total Fucking Destruction.” Back in 2004 they were even featured on Terrorizer Magazine’s “Grind the UK” tour with Pig Destroyer, Halo, and Narcosis. Recently, Shawn Riley of Rumpelstilskin Grinder joined the band as their latest Bassist. Rumpelstilskin Grinder is actually playing a show in PA later in the day on May 1st so TFD will be performing late afternoon/early evening at Big Day In so don’t be late!

    Swath came together as a full four-piece instrumental band in early 2004. Based in Broome County, New York, guitarists Dan Micholychak and Bob Aiken, bassist Kevin Kober and drummer Bijoy Datta combine a blend of diverse influences into their original sound. The band has established a home studio in the Goodwill Theatre in Johnson City a growing group of performing artists with a strong interest in its community’s local history.

    Playing an instrumental style that ranges from ambient and minimal to heavy metal, Swath has become known for its wide and thick sound, moving melodies and counterharmonies, and complex and non-traditional songs. The band released its second full-length album, “Confluence”, in January 2009 to compliment their previous full legth, “A Bygone Era” released in April 2006.

    Binghamton, NY
    This band practically no longer needs introduction in central NY. Starting off as a sludgy, D-Beat hardcore bass/drum duo, 2009 saw the band add Michael Escott to bulk and thrash up their already killer sound. They’ve become one of our favorites to pull up from Binghamton having support massive IU shows like Rosetta, Kylesa/Intronaut, Black Cobra/Black Tusk and these three are stoked to be a part of Big Day In!

    Wrong Foot Recordings
    Buffalo, NY
    Back by popular demand, this will be the third Ithaca appearance, second at The Haunt, for this fantastic sludge duo from Buffalo, NY. DIY tours, label, and more these guys are at the heart of western NY’s heavy scene. They’re LP “Two’s A Crowd” struck a chord in the underground scene with its distorted intuitive lyrics, and thundering percussion all wrapped up on sweet white vinyl. From driving, catchy heaviness to mathy instrumentals, these two show they know how to blow eardrums in a variety of ways.

    Ithaca, NY
    This devastating instrumental trio has been tearing it up across central NY. Distorted bass and down-tuned guitars through vicious home-made cabs plus galloping drums create a skull crushing blend of doom and grind.

    Parishville, NY
    Acipenser is a sludge-metal power trio which lays down crushing extensive tracks inspired by greats like The Melvins and Sabbath but making it all their own. Features former members of Collapse, As Angels Weep, Kluster Fuk, and The Dying Game Theory, these three dudes are trekking down to put some sludge in your Big Day In afternoon!

    Ithaca, NY
    Makeshift is one of our favorite young metal bands in the IU circuit having played with the likes of Battlefields, Rosetta, City of Ships, Overmars, Black Bridge, as well as the quality shows they set up themselves. When they’re not performing, these dudes pretty much always have at least one member at every IU show so up front – thanks for the support!

    Formed in 2005, they rip out great slabs of (mostly) instrumental, technical metal. It started out as small guitar duet and slowly progressed into a 3-piece metal band. DIY all the way, Makeshift has self released two full length albums, “Makeshift” (2008) and “Thwap!…?” (2009) and an EP “Insanity” (2009). They even impressed Battlefields with their chops the last time we had them out here!

    Ithaca, NY
    Hometown thrash sweethearts became DIY force to be reckoned with in 2010. After their ambitious self-released 2xCD which hit in late 2009, front-man Eli Ben-Yaacov took it upon himself to kick things up to the next level bringing the band (and his other project Scarlac Merkin) to the masses on a near weekly basis starting in Feb of 2010. Rounding out the band are Daniel Stackman on drums, Dylan Wells on bass, and newest member, Chris Marr on guitar shred. Their self proclaimed Desert Rock/Stoner Punk is going to rock you!! IN THE FACE!!! Want more info? Check this:

    Ithaca, NY

    The HV trio have been tearing the underground scene apart with their ruthless, guitar/drum/vocal grindcore attack. Behind a whirlwind of circle pits you’ll find the Caso brothers (Vii and Tenor) on guitar and vocals respectively and the forever-mohawked Severin behind the kit. Don’t let their age fool you, these three have DIY in their blood and are quickly becoming one of Ithaca’s most promising extreme acts.

    Whew!! That’s a lot of info! Look for the official schedule coming soon. Now go forth and spread the word!
    Location: The Haunt
    Contact: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
    Sponsored by McNeil Music of Ithaca, Angry Mom Records, and The Haunt

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