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Audio From Last Night’s Blot Spot Show

November 14, 2009

Here’s the audio track from last night’s show at the Blot Spot in Binghamton.

Thanks to those guys for setting up the show and to everyone who came out.

Set List:
Kinetic Momentum
(from “Confluence“)
(from “Confluence”)

Untitled New Song (not yet released)
Flood & Drought
(not yet released)

Fatigue (from “Confluence”)


Swath Show Friday at Blot Spot in Binghamton

November 11, 2009
Details on Friday’s Binghamton show have arrived….

Date/Time: Friday, November 13, 2009 at 8pm
Location: (Blot Spot) 4 Edwards St. Binghamton
Cost: $3…

In so specific order as of yet… (though we think Swath is going to be playing first so arrive early)

Swath ( If you havent heard these guys then your missing out hard from Binghamton, NY.)

Beast in the Field (Thick Doom from Michigan.)

Smith Hill (Lush noise from Smith Hill Rd., Binghamton, NY.)

Iwo Jima Medkit (Smooth Metal Ripples from Ithaca, NY.)

Terrible Sparrow ( Make me wanna move feelin’ fuzzy from Binghamton, NY.)

The Foodstamps (a Zorro in musical…….Binghamton, NY)