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Last Night’s Show In Ithaca/Junius Is Amazing

October 11, 2009

We played last night at The Haunt in Ithaca, courtesy of the always cool Ithaca Underground (thanks Bubba!).

Unfortunately, Rosetta had to cancel at the last minute so they didn’t play.

But, after our set which started up the festivities, we were treated to the awesome-ness of Junius. These four excellent musicians are from Boston and will be embarking on their third tour of Europe on Tuesday.

Junius brought amazing big rock to the Haunt last night.

Junius brought amazing big rock to the Haunt last night.

We highly recommend them. It reminded me a lot of early 2000s Cave In, with heavy riffs, great melodies, and soaring vocals. So, yeah, go buy some Junius.

One other cool thing they had going on was an integrated light show that the two guitar players and bass player controlled through footswitches. We’re stealing that idea ASAP.

(On a side note, kudos to the sound guy at the Haunt. I don’t know what we sounded like since I was in stage, but the sound quality for Junius was incredible.)


T-Shirts Are Here

October 8, 2009

Our new t-shirts are here!

They’re available at all of our shows, or you can order by emailing Please specify if you’d like green or brown and what size you’d like (S, M, L, XL or women’s M).

Oh, so stylish!

Oh, so stylish!