Update On TuneCore Troubles (after one of their founders responds to this blog)

As I noted at the end of the last post about our TuneCore troubles, TuneCore puts a great deal of effort into scouring the web to see where they might have customer service or other reputation issues.

That point was proven when, within 14 hours of me posting this critique, I received a personal email from one of TuneCore’s founders, Peter Wells, apologizing for our bad experience with his company.

I appreciate Peter taking responsibility, offering his apology and committing to get it fixed (though I’m still disappointed that it took making our complaints searchable on the web for them to react. That’s kind of like a politician introducing legislation after something bad happens.)

So far, “Confluence” still is not up on iTunes USA – but it’s only been around 30 hours since Peter emailed.

We’ll keep this blog updated with news on how things work out….



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  1. J. House Says:

    It’s great that that they have time to search your blog, but can’t do their job, but I guess it also means that they’re interested enough in the band to read it.

  2. Peter Wells Says:

    I just can’t help myself, I have to respond now.

    J. House, scanning the Web for blogs is how I find people who might have fallen through the cracks and help them. This is how I found Bijoydatta. It’s part of my job–or rather, it’s something I’ve taken upon myself to do.

    No support system is perfect. People fall through cracks. We had a customer support rep break his hand a few weeks back, and while we all pitched in to pick up the slack, obviously someone might have gotten lost. Emails get caught by spam filters. Servers go down. Big providers “black hole” entires IPs. And human beings make mistakes.

    But if that happens, customers get neglected, and neglected customers get upset, and post about it in Twitters and forums and message boards and blogs. That gives me one last chance to find them. So I scan and listen and surf. I get to find people who cheer for TuneCore, and that’s great. I thank them. I get to find people who misinterpret our pricing, or make mistakes, I get to correct them. Sometimes, I get to find someone like this, who got royally IGNORED. And I can swoop in and make it right.

    I didn’t ask bijoydatta to post a follow up. I don’t expect him to post a retraction, or to make us “look good” by posting about how I came in and helped him AFTER I read his blog. He got bad customer service and wrote about it, and so we deserve his original post. Sucks to be us. If we want to avoid that kind of blog attention, we had better improve our system so no one falls through the cracks.

    But I’m STILL going to do all I can to fix it, and that goes for anyone who reads this. If you have paid your money to use TuneCore and you wrote to our support team with a legitimate problem, YOU WILL NOT BE IGNORED, so long as I’m at this company in any capacity. If we are slow, go ahead and give us a hard time about it, that’s our fault, but we’ll still help you.

    So yeah. I have time to search the blogs. Because if there’s someone out there complaining, it’s because they didn’t get good service. I wish other companies were out there listening to me when I couldn’t get through to THEIR customer support centers, for whatever reason. I think it might actually be a good thing!

    Okay, sorry. You didn’t ask for a big defense in your blog, bijoydatta, you can strip this out if you want, I just got a little excited. I really do want to help.


  3. J. House Says:

    I actually have no direct vested interest, but it’s nice to see that people do actually are watching out and do follow up. It really shows your level of interest since you took the extra effort and fully explained the situation. There are so many companies who are ready to take advantage of bands and individuals in this modern world of digital format.

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  5. Tune Core Hater Says:

    Tunecore is awful and has no morals!!! Stay away. They will take your money

  6. Bijoy Datta Says:

    What is your TuneCore story, Tune Core Hater?

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  8. Nick Goldston Says:

    Honestly, i love tunecore, it has made me a lot of money

  9. bijoydatta Says:

    Just a quick update on our experience with TuneCore now that a year has almost gone by.

    We originally sent our music to TuneCore in early January 2009 but it didn’t go online until late March after we finally heard from one of the founders of the company (Peter, whose posts are above).

    So I was taken aback when we received multiple notices earlier this month (January 2010) saying our one year subscription was about to expire.

    I emailed and Twitter messaged Peter to see why we’re being told to renew now rather than in March when the music actually went up. To my pleasant surprise, within a day, he got back to me and told me our renewal was pushed back to where it should be in late March.

    I have to give them credit for taking care of business the right way on that.

  10. Neel Says:

    So, Bijoy, in the end do you recommend Tunecore? We are thinking of using them for our digital distribution. I will say that it is impressive for ANYONE from ANY company to actually reply to a complaint these days!

    Let me know your final overview. You can send via email if you’d rather at melikeythedrums at gmail.com.


  11. bijoydatta Says:

    Neel: I’d cautiously recommend TuneCore with the understanding that you need to stay on top of them to make sure you get the product they say they offer. Also, I’ve never used another service so I don’t have anything to compare it to.

    Good luck!


  12. Collin Says:

    I am looking at using Tunecore for a upcoming release due to pricing. Frankly, its cheap. Other services such as IOTA can take up to 20% of sales.

    However, I am concerned basically by “Too Good to Be True”. I keep digging for dirt and so far have found some stories such as this about delayed releases. I actually would expect this and can’t imagine it is unique to Tunecore.

    That being said, an issue with my digital release is now my largest worry. I have a lot of money, 1/3 of my total budget invested in a nationwide press and radio campaign. All of this promotion will be aligned to a specific release date. If the album doesn’t go live that day, it will be catastrophic.

    I think my basic worry boils down to, why doesn’t everyone use Tunecore? How are they not dominating the market with their pricing model. It seems to be every indie label out there should be distributing through Tunecore? Why are they not??? Why would anyone use CD Baby???

  13. Peter Wells Says:

    That’s exactly the idea, Collin. We wanted TuneCore to be cheap, easy, reliable, so you could work hard at the REALLY difficult parts of being a musician, like making music, marketing yourself, touring, gigging, running your business, etc. Digital distribution should be as easy as sending a FedEx package–integral to your success, but a no-brainer and shrug-worries-off dependable.

    The key to that is getting things up on time, and in fact, delivery is incredibly quick–mere hours. Then it’s up to the stores, but iTunes has been taking only a couple of weeks lately, and other stores are even faster (and some slower). So, being organized and giving lead time is a good idea.

    If anyone is ever concerned for their album, drop us a line a few days before it’s supposed to go live. We’ll check it for you, make sure everything is good to go. A guarantee? No, there’s no such thing, the stores control the final step, not the distributor. But it’s a 99.99%, which is pretty good. πŸ™‚



  14. Fast Eddy Says:

    I am posting here because in a few months I will be taking the plunge and releasing a single. I have never used Tunecore and I’m not an employee.

    Here are some tips so far:

    Only after your tunes are on all the sites you want should you start your advertising campaign. Tunecore only has control of their own site. The others are out of their control.

    The sites that Tunecore says they can get your music on they have to get your music on because that is their agreement with you via legally binding business contract. Two months is the maximum time they have. After that you have a case for a refund in my opinion.

    Do not start your marketing campaign until after your music is on the sites you want. I can’t stress this enough! It’s too risky if you try and guess when all your music will be ready for downloads.

    I will give you a day by day account when my first single is ready to go live. I’ll post my experiences with Tunecore here.


    Hello TuneCore team, is there any way that I can contact your office via telephone rather than leaving a blog or an email, As I have concerns regarding my account and sales. And few more questions that only you could answer.
    Your quick reply is gonna be appreciated.

    Jammin Productions

  16. Peter Wells Says:

    Sure, you can always call us at our customer service number: 646 651-1060. Anyone who picks up can help you out. πŸ™‚



  17. Gus Says:

    Hi Peter,
    I have a question.
    Why does your company send me an email a few days back, enthusiastically encouraging me to register a credit card to pay for my renewals, but then adds “don’t worry, you can still pay with Paypal” – when in fact I can’t? I wasted half an hour trying to figure out how, then had to call your customer service from Australia to be told that Tunecore no longer accepts Paypal.
    So what’s with the nonsense in the email? Is there something wrong with simple honesty? Are you afraid that certain policies might drive customers away?
    Do you actually believe that trying to confuse your customers, or give them false information, or treat them like idiots, and have them waste time and money trying to work out that what your company says isn’t actually true, is a way to secure their business??
    Just curious.

  18. Peter Wells Says:

    Just an honest mistake, Gus. We stopped accepting payments for PayPal just Friday, but clearly the email wasn’t updated. Sorry about that! I’ll have it fixed immediately.


  19. Nupur Says:

    Hello Peter,

    Just Uploaded and sent my Single song named “Jago re Bandhu” via tune core to the stores.

    TO my knowledsge I filled up all details however the song was still not sent to stores. However I logged a support email and got reply from Bryan Halpin, Artist Support & Label Relations. Nice guy and he replied promptly to my query saying “artist name field was left blank”.. I am not sure how that happened as I re-checked things before sending email to support.

    However now the single song is sent to stores and following message is displayed on my tunecore checklist :

    Congratulations! Your album should be live before 27-May-2010.

    Lets hope my song gets in stores and people can find it by searching on the stores. And hope I dont have to write another blog as BijoyDutta..

    So far tunecore looks good to me. I will comment on this after 27 May 2010.



  20. An Interested Indie Artist Says:

    So then, how much would it cost for me to put up an 8 track album across 8 stores, and how could I be sure that I’d get my money? I write all original tunes, so rights wouldn’t be an issue, but would TuneCore get me a UPC and all that jazz? What’s to stop them from running away with my music?
    I’ve read a lot of stuff this evening that, quite frankly, is scaring me away from the internet music industry as a whole because of all the scams and ridiculous people with problems.
    How can I guarentee that I will be able to possess a check for my sales from TuneCore, and if I sold 100 copies of this album (Via iTunes) how much could I expect to make?

  21. Peter Wells Says:

    Well Indie, we’ve passed out over $40 million last year alone, and have folks like NIN, Jay-Z, Aretha Franklin, tens of thousands more, all of whom do like us! I don’t want to turn Bijoy’s blog here into a platform for praising my company, but it’s fair to say we’re no scam, have been around for five years, and are backed by billions in venture capital, so we’re not going anywhere.

    An 8-song album into all stores is flat $46.99, and $19.98 twelve months later, if you want. You get $0.70 every time a song of yours sells on iTunes in the U.S., so if you sell 100 of them, you’ll make seventy dollars. We take no part of that. And we don’t take your copyrights or masters or anything.

    I hope that reassures you a little. You can cancel any time, if that helps. There’s no lock-in or minimum.

    Feel free to write me if you’ve more questions. Thanks!


  22. Kadence Says:

    Bad news.. I put alot of time, money and effort into a release date tunecore approved…. which was today. And now i have tons of text messages, tweet and emails asking me why my album isnt available on itunes. this is a disaster. I did radio interviews, and even have a release party tonight. So discouraging for an artists who try to do everything right. I was very careful to make sure I gave people a dependable date. sigh.

  23. Peter Wells Says:

    I’m not letting any disasters happen, I’m on the case! Already been talking with Kadence, and will continue to update them. We delivered it, I don’t know why iTunes is having an issue, but I’m following up.


  24. Artie Barnes Says:

    I am currently fighting an EGREGIOUS scam with Tunecore and I want to scream it to the world: TUNECORE has ripped me off of hundreds of dollars and won’t even talk to me about it anymore! It’s beyond me how they let this happen, but they “accidentally” let a 36 song “BEST OF DR. DEMENTO” comedy compilation get onto Itunes and elsewhere worldwide for 4 months! Then I caught the error. I was noticing my song “FISH HEADS” wasn’t pulling in the normal amount of downloads it usually gets, and then I find it on Itunes COMPETING with MY wholly owned and controlled version! Long story short, I find out TUNECORE had put it up by “mistake”! This was a half million selling album. Not an unknown indie thing by any means. They admit to owing me hundreds of dollars, but will NOT tell me when they’ll pay me! Our lawyer is busy putting our case together and I will drag Tunecore through the court systems to get my money back. What a fraud! Stolen intellectual property. I’ve been with CDBABY for 4 years with absolutely NO problems of any kind. This case will involve Dr. Demento, Barnes & Barnes, Frank Zappa’s trust, Weird Al Yankovic, AND Rhino Records who OWNS this album. Tunecore is a nightmare, my friends! Run far away from them. Seriously!

  25. Was curious about TUNEcore Says:

    ” was ” curious about TuneCore……but I see there are some very scarry posts above…esp. from Artie B above…hm…according to him they are Hardcore (ripoffs…) :/ doesn’t sound too good . . .

  26. Bijoy Datta Says:

    Glad to see this post has churned out a lot of comments and back and forth from people on both sides.

  27. Marc de Hugar Says:

    I have an CD “Zero” EP by my band Dragonfly , there were problems with itunes spelling it DragonFly and its still near impossible to find if you browse itunes but there’s a link. Pete or Jacqueline has always been there to sort stuff out. Sometime it may take em a week to get back to me but they always do and always keep at it until somethings fixed.. sure I think there could be some improvements but I’m sure not as many in mind as Peter and the rest of the staff. My Band Broke up 3 months after releasing on Tunecore so I’m at this point doing it just to keep something out there till my next Band and CD’s ready. though there’s talk of Dragonfly getting back together..

    Prior to this I have always been signed to Virgin, EMI, Warner Chappel, and many Indy labels having been in the Candy Harlots, The Screaming Tribesmen, Shock Therapy, Strip Poker, Brindle Suite so this on my own things different from the Net and Mp3’s (The Golden Age Of The Computer) It has taken so much of the Mystique of rock’n’roll and made it a Pez dispenser out of anyone talent or not. But the flip side is, if you good and are ready to work your ass off.. we don’t need the record companies in the same way, well they hadn’t found there way until the first few sets then they got em selves a game plan or adapt or die plan like we did before the late 90’s..

    Anyways I Have had quite a few things go wrong with Tunecore there are 2 bands called Dragonfly on Myspace signed to Tunecore. I am registered in my country and State but not OS. Its bloody expensive. @ bands on Myspace called Dragonfly became the same band to Myspace and many others.. Tunecore Fixed it.. and wrote near every day about it with an update.

    All the best


    Dragonfly “Zero” on Tunecore

  28. hopingwedidntgetrippedoff Says:

    i cant post our name(not all publicity is good publicity). let’s just say that we released 85 days ago, tunecore said that we would get reports 60 days after on the 1st and last wed of the month…. Basically, we know first hand that the first week the album hit, we sold over 15 full albums. at 9.99 per album thats 150. to this day the ticker hasnt moved past 30 bucks. . This is a great service, but our number hasnt gone up when we know for a fact there were more sales than they are reporting. its either them or iTunes, but this band isnt happy and is seeking options.

  29. Peter Wells Says:

    Write me, hopingwedidntgetrippedoff. Maybe there’s an error. It’s rare, but it happens. I’m here–we’re all here–to help.

    Seriously, email me. Nothing and no one is perfect, it’s why we’ve got a big support staff to help when folks need it. I lend my voice whenever I can, don’t be shy about reaching out directly.


  30. thomas Says:

    Peter is there a way that artists can monitor sales themselves? Why is the pay practice looking shady. To me thats a turn-off

  31. Artie Barnes Says:

    Guys, I’m STILL dealing with this horrible company, Tunecore! They finally after many months admitted they owe me $494.00. They had me sign a terrible agreement with them to get my money! Totally indemnifies them. Not once did anyone say “sorry” to me or apologize for the giant rip off and waste of my valuable time. They almost are treating ME as if I’M the bad guy! I hate it. I’ll believe it’ll be over once I get my money they owe me, but till then, it is still dragging on. People, trust me: RUN from Tunecore! Sign with Cdbaby. They are WONDERFUL! I get paid weekly from them, and only giving up a paltry 9%. That’s nothing! I’ve been with Cdbaby for over 4 years and have had NO problems—

  32. Jesse Smith Says:

    I would really like to hear:

    1) Any horror stories about CD Baby?

    2) Any other digital distribution sites recommended besides TuneCore and CD Baby?


  33. B-rad Says:

    I’ve been reading threads on tune core doing due diligence before signing up with them. How can we trust bad reviews? They could be paid for by cdbaby! Also how can we trust tune core and iTunes etc. There is no way to track the money coming in. Saying sales “fall through the cracks and nothing is perfect” doesn’t exactly make me psyched to join. Throw in the stories of scammers rereleasing stuff that’s not theirs and it looks harry. Also the annual fee per record is a turnoff. I didn’t notice that requirement on their signup page. Once they’ve got it listed-their work is done- other than collecting money-so that seems like a gouge. If you stay with them for several years it ends up costing more than going with cdbaby who seem to have no annual album fee. I see good reviews as well- but how do I know these aren’t employees of tune core . Do I sound paranoid or what? Can we get some more happy reviews…….

  34. Dubwerth Says:

    Hmmm.. Peter has a point by saying nothing and no one is perfect, but I haven’t heard ANY CDbaby horror stories that compare to the mass volume of complaints I’m reading all over the web about TuneCore…

    I rolled with CdBaby for 2 years about 4-5 years ago and my tenure with them then was awesome. I’m now getting back into the music biz and wanted to surf the net to see what new distribution companies are available now a days but every page I click on is steering me further and further away from Tunecore

    And no, I don’t work for CD baby or any company for that matter if anyone is in the same mindset as B-rad

  35. Orangespine Says:

    Hey guys! We looking at a distributing agent for our single “Kiss the Sky” and our EP and are not sure who to go with Tunecore or CDBaby. Any suggestions? Orangespine

  36. Parris Says:

    I’m waiting for Tunecore to distribute my song entitled “I LOVE GOD”. It’s been since December 24,2010. I understand that there’s a delay during the holiday but it’s Jan. 6, 2010. I paid $9.99 and wanted to upload more songs but decided to try the first one and see the response.. Anybody out there in TUNECORE LAND!! The Glorytoys are here .. and would like to hear their song.. so that folks can purchase it.. Thanks

  37. dee Says:

    This is all very informative, but not scary. Tunecore seems to be very conciencious and concerned. This is reassuring. Thank you Peter and Tunecore. I look forward to a positive and lasting relationship with Tunecore.

  38. Peter Wells Says:

    We truly are, Dee. This company has become my whole life. I’ll do anything to help it along, and that means making sure everyone who uses us gets exactly what we promised, and more. Thanks. And thanks to Swathmusic for letting me speak so freely here.


  39. Stephen Says:

    I have been a loyal reader of this blog for a while (even though I don’t make the effort to comment, but since I happen to just start up with TuneCore I thought I would level out the playing field here.

    I recently uploaded a song and it was not on the iTunes store as soon as I was expecting. I emailed from the site and the email server seemed to be down which was frustrating, but eventually I got through and Peter Wells answered.

    I have been working in music and online for a long time. I also sale my samples all over the world. I know that some customers just won’t understand if I make a mistake or my server goes on vacation so I strive to prevent that.

    Peter has been more than helpful. I have never had a co-founder take time out of their day to answer my needs, but that is what Peter did.

    Sometimes things don’t happen the way we think they will, but there is no reason to down a perfectly good service.

    If you think TuneCore doesn’t come thru then go and deal with each store directly. That will really prove that the grass is not greener on the other side. Apple is a nightmare in itself.

    Patience is a virtue!!

  40. Pat Says:

    I think TuneCore has the potential to be great. As an artist I am really, really hoping it succeeds as it represents a real triumph over the old record label model, and old way of doing things. TuneCore, if it reaches its potential is what every indy artist has ever dreamed of: artistic freedom, and the ability to earn money via that art.

    However, there is one story about TuneCore that scares me more than any other, and it is posted at this address:


    Before I, or any of my friends can go forward, we would like to know what this is all about. Is it a true account? Is there some special license or registration we need (beside copyright ownership) to sell our songs and collect our money? Will TuneCore always come up with a technicality or “gotcha” that will ruin what we are trying to accomplish?

    Right now I’m on the fence. I love a lot of what TuneCore is doing, and what they represent. If Mr. Wells is still following this blog I would love to hear a response. But please don’t tell me about the success of the major artists involved with TuneCore, I’m guessing they get preferred treatment. Thanks.

  41. Pat Says:

    Also, are we required to be a member of an organization such as ASCAP or BMI to collect our money?


  42. Bijoy Says:

    I haven’t had anything like that happen with cashing out our money but we’re only doing a really small amount (…unfortunately…).

  43. Guitarzan Says:

    Oh My,,,Peter,,after reading Tunecore’s Terms and Conditions,,leaves me a little more than uneasy. I first heard of you about 3-4 yrs ago. I then read a fairly favorable write-up in my Musician’s Friend mag. After reading your responses, I was starting to feel pretty good. However, you stated an artist may cancel the agreement at anytime. Of course, there is a fee if someone cancels within 6 months, fair enough. My question,,,What happens to the music if someone cancels? Is it returned to the artist? Does it stay in your distribution, and you simply pocket the revenues? What does the term “irrevocable” mean to you? Webter’s defines it as such,,,not being able to revoke,,ie,,call back,,bring back,,,TAKE BACK,,,the following from your agreement,,”you (“you”) irrevocably grant to Company”,,,,This appearing in the FIRST paragraph,,,I continued to read a few more things that left me with a little less than warm fuzzies. Honestly, I have not read the entire agreement as of yet, nor am I sure I will bother.

    I see that you HAVE responded to the “errors”, and artists that keep “falling through the cracks”. No, nobody’s perfect. But why do these things keep happening? And what happens to the artists’ work to which these things are happening, but not brought to your attention?

    Can you please explain your term,,,”Irrevocably”?

  44. Peter Wells Says:

    “Irrevocably” for the term, Guitarzan. When you want out, you get out, totally, no questions asked.

    Of course we can cancel at any time, just like you can. What if you commit fraud? We need a no-questions-asked out just as we grant it to you. If you cancel, your music comes down from the stores. That’s it. We will never exploit your music, your property, without your permission. And no, your music is yours–even sales that might trickle in after you’ve pulled it down will go into your account, there for you to take any time.

    And things don’t fall through the cracks all the time. It’s quite rare, in fact. But you can’t distribute the largest catalog in the world without the occasional hiccup, that’s why we have such a great support staff, and it’s why I’m so careful to monitor the Internet to see if anyone is hurting.


  45. Pat Says:

    Peter, I think it’s great that you are addressing our concerns on this blog.

    When you get a moment can you please respond to my post a few responses up? I am trying to find out if we need a license of any kind to sell our music. I read through the Tunecore site but can’t find any info related to this.

    Is the person at the InStyle Records blog right or wrong? That’s all I want to know.



  46. Peter Wells Says:

    I try to answer questions wherever they pop up, Pat. Seems SwathMusic has become a popular place to talk TuneCore, so I’m happy to reach out.

    No, you don’t need to be a member of BMI, ASCAP or SESAC (these are all Performance Rights Organizations, or “PRO”s for short). If you use TuneCore to put up a work of your own (you wrote it all, you performed it all), then you’ll collect all the earnings, no problem.

    HOWEVER, if you’re a member of a PRO, they may work on your behalf to get you money you’re owed when someone else performs your work. Say a radio station grabs your music and plays it over the air–then you deserve money, and the way to get it is to be a member of a PRO. That has nothing to do with TuneCore, but it could happen, so it’s not a bad idea at all to join one.

    Lots more to say, you’ll find it all on these handy guides, free for all:


    Check out the “covers” one especially!


  47. Pat Says:

    Thanks Peter,

    I appreciate your reply to this and other tough questions. It’s not that we’re all piling on Tunecore, but musicians have a long history of getting snookered out of their earnings and we have to really try to understand any business relationship we are getting into.

    Based upon my reading of the Tunecore website and your responses here, it seems like Tunecore is a very cool service.

    Just to recap then, my understanding based upon your response is as follows:

    If I wrote and performed (i.e. recorded) a song and would like to sell that song /recording via Tunecore on the websites Tunecore is affiliated with (itunes, Amazon etc.), then I don’t need any kind of license (assuming I own the copyright.)?

    And part 2: Being a member of a PRO will not help or hinder me in any way from collecting my money from Tunecore.

    Thanks again,

  48. Peter Wells Says:

    Bingo, Pat. You’ve got it precisely. πŸ™‚


  49. Pat Says:

    Great!! Thanks Peter.


  50. D Edward Hughes Says:

    Hello everyone, hope all is going well…or better:)

    I just wanted to say that I just uploaded my new single to the TuneCore account yesterday, 3/10/11…somewhere around 5:00 PM or 6:00 PM EST.
    I have some hopes that it may do SOMETHING out there; but am honestly NOT looking to make a fortune. I’m just a single songwriter.

    Concerning TuneCore’s FAQ, I was made COMPLETELY aware of the imperfections in any system concerning the music buisness. I realize these shortcomings also, because I’ve studied the business for over twenty-five years…gee, time flies, huh?! Anyway, I can’t complain about not being informed; just a little concerned about the time frames for being paid…but, that’s how it is in big business.

    My reason for using TuneCore was explicitly to get this single out there to see what it would do on it’s own. TuneCore simplified this for me in a great way. I am cautious about ANY dealings in the music business; but what is most important to me is QUALITY FIRST!!! I know that I have some very good material, and I also know that I will be taking quite a bit of this material to the songwriter’s clubs in Nashville, Tennessee in the next couple of months. The potential to make a very profitable sale, in a shorter amount of time is PROBABLY much greater than with TuneCore. However, just to know that I’m getting the single out there was well worth $9.99. As I said earlier, I’m just a single songwriter, without fortune or fame at this time, so I have no great expectations here. There are many THOUSANDS of songs and artists out there, and for me to expect some sales would not be very realistic. It COULD happen…MAYBE. But that’s the chance I took…and it’s all chance in the music business. But I’m a very flexible songwriter/musician/artist, so I have an appreciable edge here. If you think about it, you’ll see my point. I don’t have to pour funds I do not have into advertising, equipment, insurance, penalties for not having the required number of hits in a year….all I have to do is make sure I put out THE ABSOLUTE BEST that I am able…and that comes FIRST!!!

    So for me, TuneCore was a great choice. It’s a risky business…gotta make sure you got the stuff…first and foremost. Thanks for listening everyone and hope you all find success:)

    And thanks, Peter, for laying in there…I know you got a big job…and isn’t it nice to know you have people here who keep you on your toes;)

    Have a great year everyone…and magic to ya:)

    Sincerely And With Kind Regards,

    D. Edward Hughes,
    Marion, NC

  51. Michael Pemberton Says:

    Thanks, bijoydatta

    You’re instigation has been beneficial to many. Thanks, Peter, by responding the way you have here you have convinced me that I should use your services. I hope your tireless hands-on approach knows no bounds.

    Good luck all

    M. Pemberton, NYC

  52. Peter Wells Says:

    Glad to hear it, Michael–and if you encounter any problems along the way, don’t hesitate to write me directly. I’ve been with TuneCore since the beginning, and so long as I’m here, there will always be a Customer Advocate. That’s actually what it says on my business card!


  53. Bijoy Says:

    Glad you found it useful, Michael.

    (Just wish the successful blog sold more songs for us, haha)


  54. SuperCooper Says:


  55. javier Says:

    so how exactly do u use tunecore without getting scammed? like is there a way to have them sell your music that YOU made and still get all the money that u make? and how do u do it with licensing? what does it require to use the service and not get screwed over? i love supercoop btw

  56. Bijoy Says:

    Javier: I haven’t had a problem getting our money from Tunecore. Basically, you can log into your account and have them mail you the check or do an electronic transfer. My main problem was the bad initial customer service and our music not getting out when we thought it would. Good luck to you.


  57. javier Says:

    i was just checking. i read blogs saying people didnt get theyr money and that the owners of the company told them to fuck off, but i dont know if thats because they tried selling covers of other peoples song sor what it was

  58. Artie Barnes Says:

    I haven’t checked in with this site in a bit. Well, Tunecore finally paid me the $500.00 dollars they STOLE from me, thank god! I was prepared to sue these horrible people. I’m glad that others are warning people out there against these scammers! Please folks, check out Cdbaby. I’m going on about 5 years with them with absolutely NO problems ever! And they really DO send me checks weekly. Anything from ten dollars to 400/500 bucks. Every week I get something and I love that! Cdbaby never would have allowed some idiot to throw up a million selling album on itunes like Tunecore did. That’s what started my 6 months of trouble with Tunecore. (You can read about it earlier in this thread…)

  59. Spiros Says:

    I just phoned up customer services and the woman on the phone told me that there was an error when sending my track to i-tunes. I’m annoyed because i have waited 5 days for it to upload on i-tunes and now I’m going to have to wait up to another 3 days! I’m also upset because tunecore didn’t even have the decency to notify me of this error. When were they going to let me know about it?

  60. lisa Says:

    Wait if i put my song on tunecore and my song somehow when viral n got a million downloads
    Tunecore wont take a penny? Sounds to good to be true. Is it too good to be true for 10 dollars?

  61. jameishatricelane Says:

    Do you have to get a license to sell music you own,wrote, produced, and recorded yourself on Tunecore, and if so, how do you obtain these licenses?

  62. bijoydatta Says:

    You don’t need a license to put stuff on Tunecore, as far as I know. You just have to agree to their terms of service. At least that’s what our experience was.

  63. P. Walter langston Says:

    XSGT say:

    Peter we have had our music distributed through tunecore for a couple of years now. I have found everytime I contacted the company by telephone. someone has either answered back, whether by telephone or E-mail. My question is… I find that the lack of revenue from sales of our music suspect. Seeing how we made sure our music was digitally distibuted internationally. We would like to know, is there anyway that we could monitor who logged onto , listened to or checked out our music? All these complaints about tunecore is scaring us as, sa one of your clients.

  64. P. Walter langston Says:

    XSGT say:

    Peter we have had our music distributed through tunecore for a couple of years now. I have found everytime I contacted the company by telephone. someone has either answered back, whether by telephone or E-mail. My question is… I find that the lack of revenue from sales of our music suspect. Seeing how we made sure our music was digitally distibuted internationally. We would like to know, is there anyway that we could monitor who logged onto , listened to or checked out our music? All these complaints about tunecore is scaring us as, us being one of your clients.

  65. jamielong@haveagohero.com Says:

    There are 5 pages of links saying that Tunecore is a scam, they have raised prices and are not cheap.
    Tunecore Scam – comparison video
    rip off report

  66. Wow! Awesome site you have here! Says:

    Wow! Awesome site you have here!…

    […]Update On TuneCore Troubles (after one of their founders responds to this blog) « SwathBlog[…]…

  67. Mr. Meaner Says:

    I also signed up and release an album on Tunecore today and then unexpectedly I ran across another blog where many people were talking about not getting their money and having to produce a license for their original songs or an attorney in order to get paid. I was wondering if this is true? I know pete said earlier that you do not need a lincense so I’m wandering what were they talking about?
    I would love to sell many albums but I really doubt I will since I am not known but with that being said regardless if I make $30.00 or $30,000 I want to be sure I collect!!
    please put my mind at ease that I will have no problems!!!

  68. wesleym53 Says:

    We, the Macbrothers, Inc., released two songs at Tunecore, Priscilla & Egypt, over a year ago. We haven’t made a red cent on either song since the release date at the beginning of February 2011. In all the distribution outlets Tunecore is affiliated with you would believe confidently that one individual from the whole of the worldwide web would have bought a copy of one of the two inexpensive released songs: at least. Not so. Zilch. This smells of manipulation or favoritism on the part of Tunecore and whoever else is involved. We plan to elicit the succor of the U.S. Justice Department about the moral integrity of this online service for songwriters and musicians. I don’t believe Tunecore is as forthright as it boasts itself to be. In contrast, it doesn’t appear in the forefront to be shady, but when one plus one doesn’t equal two, as the Principia Mathematica teaches us, then one needs to check at the backdoor to find out what’s going on.

    Wesley McCants
    Member of BMI

  69. panasonic phone system maintenance Says:

    panasonic phone system maintenance…

    […]Update On TuneCore Troubles (after one of their founders responds to this blog) « SwathBlog[…]…

  70. Jason Says:

    Tunecore has always been great to me and my artists. Most of the complaints I see here happen occasionally at all of the digital distribution companies (I’ve also used two of the other big digital distribution companies now and in the past). Tunecore always fixes any problems in a very timely manner and they’ve always paid on time. I can recommend them

  71. Jamez Carlos Says:

    Aa past experience TuneCore always great to me but at this time really disappointed with tunecore for high prices, lower response and bad support services so i will not choose tunecore in a Present & Future i think DittoMusic.com much more better on Prices and services in the front of tunecore.com.

  72. forum reve Says:

    forum reve…

    […]Update On TuneCore Troubles (after one of their founders responds to this blog) « SwathBlog[…]…

  73. fred sande Says:

    we just uploaded big star blues ontunecore not sure if we did it right it came back that it was on iunes on every counry except america go suspicios and searched for reviews of tunecore found some negative ones tried to call support which said dont leave message so im leaving message here call me at 1 651 767 2988 we did the thing at moon records in st paul moonstudios@hotmail.com

  74. prescription glasses sports Says:

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