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Binghamton Show on 3/28 at Voodoo Lounge

February 25, 2009

We confirmed last weekend that we’re booked to play at the Voodoo Lounge in Binghamton on Saturday, March 28.

Shows there usually start around 10 PM and run in the $6 range. We’ll post more details when we have them.

Also on the bill will be Messianide, who will be debuting their new CD that night. Their CD was recorded and mixed at Monkey Tree Records, which is actually located on the first floor of the building that we practice at in the Goodwill Theatre complex in Johnson City.


Reporting Back After Last Week’s CD Release

February 7, 2009

We finally released our new album, “Confluence”, at last Saturday night’s show at Fitzie’s Irish Pub in Binghamton.

Thanks to everyone who came out and double-thanks to the 20 or so of you who bought CDs.

The night got off to a late start with The Jigawatts not going on until around 10:45 PM. They brought the energy and the old-school punk pretty well though. And they did a great cover of Black Flag’s “Wasted” so that always scores points with us.

Dance-A-Tron (Kevin’s other band) went on around 11:20 PM and delivered, as usual, a brutally fast and furious set. Their new album is out now, too. Contact them to get a copy.

Call For Backup followed next, and then we finally got to roll into our set after 1 AM. I hate to sound old and cranky, but that’s pretty late for us old fogies these days.

That being said, we had  a great time tearing through our intentionally short set…only to get called back up to play two additional songs (we went with “True Position” and “Kinetic Momentum”).

We appreciate all the support and hope anyone reading this will help us out, too, by picking up our new CD at future shows or by emailing