Are You Here Because Of Our Email?

If you are, drop us a note by leaving a comment to let us know what you think of that email and the new blog.

We’re super interested in who’s visiting and what you think!


6 Responses to “Are You Here Because Of Our Email?”

  1. mr. mouth Says:

    the comment section of this blog is a real beehive of activity.

    I’m beginning to think swathblog was created for me and me alone.

    that being said, I dig the site.

    …and I can’t wait to hear the finished record.

    rock on.

  2. Bijoy Says:

    I guess one lame reader from Atlanta is better than no readers.

  3. mr. mouth Says:

    way to encourage your one fan to continue posting. and yet he continues:

    I see swath as a thinking man’s karaoke band. you ought to have competitions at shows in which dudes and dudettes make up their own lyrics and sing them to your songs. and to really make it all gel, the contestant would have to connect their lyrics or their meaning of the song with your over-inflated song titles in order to win the prize.

    and of course the prize would be a surprise bitch-slap for having ever involved themselves in such a shameless display of vanity and stupidity.

  4. Ms. Independence Says:

    I think Mr. Mouth’s (remember that game?) idea about karaoke is EXCELLENT!! Why hadn’t you thought of that before??? I’m not sure I could be ready in time for your Fitzie’s show but maybe if the prize were elevated to a triple-power-bitch-slap, I could be motivated.

  5. bijoydatta Says:

    We can probably accomodate your prize request but you better bring a TCO-strong voice….

  6. mr. mouth Says:


    you can tell a kinetic to move
    but a telekinetic can do that already
    yeah you can build some momentum
    or you can say “woo!” and just rock steady


    you could also name this song “stopping quitters”
    or “fatty chunksters” or “booby titters”
    or “holy church-goers” or “crappy mcshitters”
    or “the polluting man that inevitably litters”


    you can…

    just rock steady


    *(to be debutted by mr. mouth at the next swath karaoke show)

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